About Us

Park NS is a beautiful rural school situated on a crossroads. It is a few kilometres from the town of Youghal and just off the Tallow road.

Park NS has a strong community spirit and many locals help out even though their own children may be long gone from the school. There are strong historical links with many families having parents and grandparents attend.

For the first time in its history Park NS has become a 3-teacher school. It is hard to believe that it was a one teacher school not that many moons ago. There are two full time class teachers. One teacher teaches in the Junior room which has Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Class. In the Senior room there are 4 classes again Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth class.

The school has a third classroom where the support teacher is based. The support teacher interacts with every child throughout the week from social groups to phonics to maths. This consolidates what the children do in class and gives the children an opportunity to learn in a small group.

This school year Park NS is trying to get their Active flag renewed and also go for their first Green flag. The school has a thriving garden which the full time SNA helps to grow. We have an amazing sensory garden and indoor sensory are. The school is also lucky enough to have a pitch on which the children all have a chance to play on during the week. There is baking once a week and a gardening club once Spring arrives.

There is a very active BOM and Parents Association who help to further the school.
Park is a place for all pupils where everyone is encouraged to achieve at their level.
‘Great oaks from Little Acorns grow’