Digital Schools Certificate

Park National School receives a Digital School of Distinction Award

On the 19 th June 2014 Park School received the very proud news that they were to become recipients of a Digital School of Distinction Award.

Park National School has always been committed to the integration of ICT (Information Communications Technology) in teaching and learning and so applied to become part of the Digital Schools of Distinction programme which was introduced by the Department of Education and Skills in October 2013. This programme promotes and acknowledges best practice in the use of ICT in primary schools. It builds on the fantastic work done by schools, by providing a pathway and resources for schools who are seeking to do more with technology. Participation in this programme gave Park National School an opportunity to enhance the learning experience of pupils and to develop digital skills which will stand to them throughout their lives.

In order to fully embrace this programme Park National School invested in 10 ipads, the school is already very well equipped with four laptops, 10 desktops, 2 interactive whiteboards and a digital camera for each classroom. Being very well resourced allowed the pupils of Park National School to explore and to develop many new digital skills. The children are now competent users of many animation apps, photostory, power point, video making and various educational apps that allows them to access the curriculum digitally. Each classroom also opened a twitter account which allowed the children to share what they have learnt to the classrooms followers, this also allowed parents to access what work was being done in the school. The junior classroom can be followed @camerons_class and the senior room can be followed @Mrs_Ahern_Class. The school also has a very informative website  which displays the children’s work, informs the parents of schools activities and gives up to date news of what is happening in the school.

In order to be accredited with a Digital School of Distinction Award Park School had to demonstrate excellence in their approach to the integration of ICT in learning and teaching. On the 19 th of June this year the children in Park National School demonstrated this excellence and later that day were informed that they had successfully been awarded “Digital School of Distinction”. The children, staff and parents are delighted and very proud of this news.

The benefits of receiving this accreditation include a new laptop, new software, access to an ICT support network and external recognition through a nationally recognised award. Park National School look forward to receiving these benefits in September. Well Done to all involved.

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