Hallowe’en Newsletter

 Dear Families,

We have had such a wonderful term of fun and learning in Park National School. It has been a busy few weeks, it’s hard to believe that  Mid-Term has been and gone! We hope you had a lovely Hallowe’en Break.

Congratulations to Ms. Bulman and her Greenschools committee Líadáin, Cathal M, Mike M and Lucy; on successfully attaining the first Greenschools flag for Park N.S.  We are so proud that our effort on managing litter and waste in our school has been acknowledged by An Taisce.  Our pupils have learned the importance of reducing waste, reusing  and recycling materials and how to compost correctly.  The Senior Room Pupils expanded their knowledge further  by researching the importance of our rainforests  and how trees are a renewable resource.  We also studied soil composition and how compost has many nutrients that enhance our soil to grow vegetables in our school garden.  Its great to see our students weeding and raking the bedding boxes getting ready for next spring!  Tús maith leath na hoibre!
Our students have been very busy trying out the education platform Seesaw.  Seesaw gives pupils a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. Students can add their learning to their own journal and enhance their work with  drawings, voice recordings, notes or presentations.  We have had short tutorials in class learning how to sign in, respond to teacher tasks and post work. It is great fun and the app works on laptops, chrome books, Mac PCs, Android and IOS tablets and smartphones.  A great way to keep learning !
6th Class Graduation

We congratulate our two school leavers Fionn Brennan and Ben Noonan Morrisson on graduating from Park N.S. We wish both boys the very best of luck in their new secondary school and we hope they look back on all the fond memories they had with us throughout the years.  Go n-éirí an t-áth libh!

Junior Room News   – Mrs. Burke

The children in the Junior Room have had great fun playing Hallowe’en games before the mid-term and doing their arts and crafts.  The children did a spooky science experiment and made

Hallowe’en slime!  They also used the ‘Seesaw’ Educational platform to write a spooky recipe and draw a spooky cauldron.

The children had great fun making masks, spooky pictures using pastels and paper plate pumpkins.

We also enjoyed doing Aistear outside and we built an

outdoors ‘clubhouse’ and a mini-beast hotel, while

Recycling and reusing ‘Junk Art’ materials in line with our Green-schools Project.  Check out our photos!

Senior Room  News  -Ms. O’ Grady

We have been very busy in the Senior Room.  We enjoyed sharing our Genius Hour Presentations that we completed at home during distance learning with our classmates.  We are currently doing a well being programme with Ms. O’ Grady and wrote a recount about  ‘Our Staycation Summer’ in Ireland.  We completed a project called ‘Our Lockdown Memories’  where we typed  and printed photos  of our favourite memories from home since March 12th 2020.  We enjoyed listening to one another as we shared our memories. We discussed  how creative we got at home from baking delicious treats, gardening, climbing bales and trees  to rocket making—we did it all! Check out our fantastic works of art!  We made clay trinket pots, explored cartoon art, drew self portraits—that are AWESOME  and did amazing shadow drawings of woodland animals using autumnal shades in the background.  We studied Ancient Greek civilisation and read Tales from Africa. 5th and 6th studied North America in Geography and have completed a presentation of a state of their choice.  4th class studied Co. Cork and have chosen a county of their choice for further research.  Our classroom had a makeover during the summer, we love our new flooring– its so clean and matches our desks and chairs!  Here are a few photos to share with you!


We have had many birthdays to celebrate since our return to school!

We must also remember our pupils who celebrated their birthdays during the school closure of last term and over the summer!

Happy belated birthday to Rory, Cathal M,

Seanan, Caoimhe, Brian, Zara, Liam,

Kelan, Séan and Mikey, Khloe, James and Laura-Jayne.

Autumn Birthdays: Cian and Ben

Breithlá Shóna Daoibh go léir!

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