Lent 2015




Lent is the time we spend getting ready for Easter. Easter is the most important feast in our Church calendar and this is why we are asked to make a special effort to prepare for it.


The Church offers a lot of options to help us keep make Lent a holy time when we try and keep our hearts and mind fixed on Jesus, his love for us and his invitation to each one of us to live like he wants us to in everything we do and say. During Lent we are asked to Fast, Pray and Give Alms

FAST: Many of us associate Lent with giving up something that we like or choosing to do something positive to help those who are not as lucky as we are. For many years Friday was a fast day for all Catholics and no meat was eaten. Friday was the day chosen because Jesus died on Good Friday. Although many Catholics still do this it is no longer common practice.


PRAY: In Lent we are asked to spend more time in prayer, helping our relationship with Jesus to grow stronger.


GIVE ALMS: The Trocaire Box will arrive in every classroom during the first week of Lent. Remember that Trocaire is the official Development Agency of the Irish Catholic Church and it is really important that we support the work especially at this time of the year.