Stone Age Quiz

Circle the correct answer to the questions below.

1. What is the name of the caves in France where Stone Age cave paintings can be seen?

Lascaux          Altimera     Loire Valley

2. Approximately how many years ago was the Stone Age?

9,000 years ago   12,000 years ago   5000 years ago

3. What do we call the first Stone Age people

Fishermen         Hunters and Gatherers      Gatherers and builders

4. How did they first come to Ireland?

They swam         They walked through shallow water       They flew

5. Name three types of food that they ate


6. Circle the animals that they hunted

Mammoths     Bison   Dogs   Wolves   Elk   Dinosaurs

7. What were there clothes made from?

8. What type of stone did they use to make weapons?

limestone     Sandstone   flint   granite

9. What did they use animal bones for?

10. What materials did they use to make boats?