Gaeilge is an important subject in the school curriculum and one that the junior room really enjoy. This page will be used to give parents an idea of some of the new words and phrases that the children are learning in school.


Bia: food

Ceapaire: sandwich

lón: lunch

Úll: apple

Subh: jam

Iasc: fish

Banana Buí: Banana

Deoch: drink

Milseáin: sweets

Cáca Milís: Cake

Piorra: pear

Bainne: milk

Cupán Tae: cup of tea

Forc: Fork

Scian: knife

Plátaí: plates

Ag ithe: eating

Ag ól: drinking

Céard a d’ith tú don bhricfeasta?

D’ith mé ……….

Céard a d’ól tú don bhricfeasta?

D’ól mé…………….