Literacy Tips For Senior Infants

Here are some tips to help your child learn in a fun way.

Words folder: get your child to make sentences out of the words. This will help in the sentence building process. You can even throw in some silly words to make it funny. Once the sentences are made get your child to close their eyes and then take a word away in the sentence. When they open their eyes, can they guess which one you have taken away? The same can be done for going over the words individually. Pick out a group of six words (put in a few that your child fines difficult) and again get them to close their eyes and take away one of them. Get them to guess the missing word again. The same can be done for the sounds.


Hangman and tic tac toe with words from the reader are good games that get your child thinking about the words and the spelling of each word. Also when reading words get them to see if they can see a smaller word in the bigger word.

Sounds folder: it is always good to go over all the sounds that have been taught. Instead of just asking your child what the sound is get them to come up with words that have that sound in them. You could make a game of it and see who can come up with the most words with for example the “ou” sound in them.

Some apps that can help your child with reading are “eggy alphabet”, “tap the cat”, abc phonics”.