Term 3 Fifth and Sixth classes


This month the children will be focusing on algebra and directed numbers.
They will be enabled to identify positive and negative numbers in context, for example in bank accounts and in the recording of temperatures.

The children will be enabled to make simple calculations using a number line with positive and negative numbers.

Algebra rules and properties
BOMDAS rule, Brackets, Of, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. This is the order in which operations should be completed in a sum with more than one sign.

This month the children will be learning about variable and equations.

They will be enabled to solve simple equations. For example:

2y + 10 = 20
2y= 20-10

Measures Length

100cm = 1 metre =
1/2 m = 50cm = 0.5 m
1/4 m= 25cm=0.25m
1/10m= 10cm=0.1m
1000m = 1km
500m = 1/2 km = 0.5km
Area = lxW
Adding metres and centimetres
Perimeter means the outside
Solving problems using length