Poetry Corner

Here are some poems that were inspired by the class novel that we are reading at the moment.  The book is called ‘The Boy on the Porch’


A Lost Boy

I’m a boy, a lost boy

My name is Jacob

I wander the the streets

In my bare feet

I am sweet,

But I just want a treat.

By A Pupil in 3rd Class


A Lost Boy

I am a boy a lost boy

I wander the streets all night

I look at the moon so bright in the night o my God what a sight


I am trying to get home

I am out in the streets all alone and

I don’t have anywhere to go

3rd Class


A Lost Boy

My heart is beating hard, sad and all alone,

wolves and foxes howl.  I ran away,

old raggy clothes and my toes are cold.

Moon so bright, lights up the night

Where are my parents?

It is a mysterious sight

Have no toys only the lights.

I am scared , you know how I feel.

Please find me.

3rd Class

A Lost Boy

I am a lost boy

My name is Bob

I wander around the streets

I never get any treats

because I am a lost boy

I am a no sweets boy.

5th Class


A lost Boy

I’m a Boy a lost boy

I wander the streets

Wearing ragged old sheets

day and night,

without a bite.

5th class


A Lost Boy

There is a boy all alone

and he wants a home

it is me, on the street

and on my feet are slippers

down below.

3rd class

A Lot Boy

I’m a lost boy, a poor one too

I’ve a Teddy bear,

he is my only friend

One day for money I had to sell my friend


Now, I’m alone sad and my best friend is gone,

In the night I fight the dogs and oh no, run for

your life.

I run to a house, I sleep on the porch,

I sleep all night.

3rd Class


Lost Boy

I’m a boy, a lost boy

the only thing I brought with me is a rubber toy

My name is James

My house went up in flames

Because I was cooking late at night

and got a fright

so I ran away and

forgot the way

to the fire brigage

3rd Class


Lost and All alone

Lost and alone

no one to care for him

all on his own not a single

shoe on his foot

only some shorts on his legs

cold and hungry

that’s how he feels

Lost and alone

all on his own.


Lost Boy

I am a boy, a lost boy

I don’t like the dark

or a dog’s bark

all I do at night is cut down trees

I made a wooden house

now I am alone

just home alone

very sad indeed

3rd class

A Lost Boy

I’m a  boy a lost boy.

My name is Jacob

I walk the streets

I find a cake in a basket

I take a bite

it is the nicest thing that I have had

in ages

I find shelter and I go in

I light a fire

I go to sleep

I wake up

I hear noises

It ‘s just people passing by

3rd Class

A Lost Boy

I’m a boy, a lost boy

All I want is a home

I’m looking for my parents

Have you seen them?

I wander the streets day and night

I wonder where they are

My name is Jacob

Where am I?

What am I doing here?

Please tell me where my parents are

I am lost in the frost

Will I ever get home?

3rd Class


A Lost Boy

I am a lost boy,  a lost boy

I am looking for a toy

I wander the streets looking for a treat

I run so far trying not to get beat


I wish I couldn’t feel the heat

the stone hurt my feet

I am frozen cold

I am all alone

I tried to beg

but all I got was a chicken leg

I am wearing holes

I am very cold

People think that I am very bold



The Lost Boy

I am a good boy, I have a teddy bear toy

I am so lost, cold in the frost

I wander the street, cold and soggy feet

a dog comes out, it starts to shout

I ran away, very afraid

The moon is so bright in the lovely night

I hope I can get some help, so cold and lonely is how I feel

Please don’t leave me all alone

I just want a home

3rd Class


Lost Boy

I am a lost boy, but not in sight

the moon is so bright

in the dark cold light

I am so cold, afraid and horrified

But no one will now

I am left alone

In the cold, cold soggy snow.

4th Class


The lost Boy

I am a boy, a lost boy

I wander the street at night

In the light of the moon

I walk the street at night in dirty

clothes but I walk in the door and Marta

gives me more that ever, toys food,

I really don’t want to leave here

4th Class

A Lost Boy

I am a lost boy, a lost boy

I wander the street at night

when the lights are shining bright

I’m lost and cold

and all alone

I wish I was at home

My hands are sore

from blisters and more

I try to sleep

but it’s too loud for me

my feet are cold, frozen

I wish I had a home

I wish I was at home.


A Lost Boy

I ran away today,

I am not going back

I packed up all my stuff

and put them in my sack

They’ll never miss me,

They’ll never know I’ve gone.

But I didn’t realise I was very very wrong

Now I am a lost boy

I’m very sad

And now I am a lost boy,

I’m very very sad,

And now I think about what I’ve done

I feel very very bad

I slept last night on the cold, hard ground

If I am lost boy,

When will I be found?

5th class