Physical Education Policy


School Plan
Physical Education
Park National School

This plan for the teaching of physical education in Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce was compiled by Edel Ahern and Niamh Cameron (Principal) in January 2014.
This plan for Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce was drawn up to develop a framework that reflects the aims and objectives outlined in the Primary School Curriculum. Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce is a two teacher school in a rural setting. In Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce P.E. is deemed of paramount importance. The school has a new playing pitch that will enhance the teaching of P.E. in the school.

P.E. in our school will:
1. Emphasise the importance of enjoyment of play.
2. Maximise participation by all children.
3. Encourage the development of skills and understanding.
4. Maintain a balance between competitive and non-competitive activities.
5. Maintain a balance between contact and non- contact activities.
6. Provide opportunities for individual sports.
7. Provide opportunities for achievement for each child.
8. Provide activities equally suitable for boys and girls.
Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce will endeavour to cover the aquatics strand from Junior Infants to Sixth class.

While seeking to meet the pupil’s needs we will follow the broad aims and objectives of the P.E. curriculum statement p10 (Appendix 1)

There are six strands in the PE curriculum and Scoil Náisiunta na Páirce will cover all six strands throughout the school year. The school has compiled a timetable for each of the six strands. (Appendix 2). However flexibility is needed in this area as we are dependent on the weather.

Sports Day
Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce will hold an annual sports day each June. The aim of this is to encourage the children to participate in all sporting activities on the day. Each child is rewarded with a medal for participation and also a certificate of participation.
The school will also encourage the pupils to participate in the Parish Sports which are held every year.
Organised Play
Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce is committed to ensuring that the children remain active throughout break time. In order to ensure this the school has completed a timetable of activities and games to be implemented by the teacher on the playground each week. There is a two week timetable of activities which the children engage in. This enhances break time while keeping the children fit and active.

Individual Sports
Scoil Náisiunta na Páirce is committed to promoting individual as well as team sports. The school ensures that a badminton coach comes to teach the children badminton skills thus promoting individual sports.
Scoil Náisiúnta na Páirce’s pupil numbers does not allow for team sports in hurling or Camogie, so in order to address this the school has decided to offer the children other alternatives such as badminton. However where there is appetite for GAA the school will actively seek out competitions between other small local school and arrange a mini league.
The school also endeavours to promote athletic skills such as throwing and jumping during the delivery of the athletics strand of the curriculum.

The school actively promotes GAA in the school and works with the local club to promote their activities throughout the year. A GAA coach from Killeagh GAA comes to teach hurling and football in the first and last term each year.
The school has purchased the dancing time CD which is an excellent programme for teaching elements of dance in the school. This CD facilitates the delivery of the dance strand in the curriculum.

Approaches and Methodologies
Scoil Náisiúnta na Páirce uses a combination of direct teaching and guided discovery that encourages maximum participation by the pupils. The teachers of Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce encourage pair work, group work and teams sports as well as individual challenges.

Assessment and record keeping
Assessment will predominantly be in the form of teacher observation and teacher designed tasks and tests.
Multi – Class teaching
Current enrolment in the school is in the early 40’s. This is a substantial number for the school but does not allow for team formation. The school is aware of the need to pair children appropriately in suitable groupings so that they get the most from their PE sessions.
Children with Special Needs
Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce currently does not include any children with physical disabilities. The school is all inclusive and would willingly embrace children with physical disabilities.

Equality of participation and access
Equal opportunities are afforded to both boys and girls in all activities and experience all strands including dance and formal team games.
Linkage and Integration
Opportunities for linkage and integration across the curriculum will be sought in other subject areas such as SPHE, History, Science, Gaeilge and Religion.
Organisational Planning
The Primary School Curriculum allows for one hour per week to be allotted to PE. PE takes place on Thursday for a half an hour and Friday for a half an hour. Tracksuits are worn on Thursdays and Fridays. During bad weather the classrooms are made available for PE indoors. During wet weather the Bizzy Breaks programme is used with pupils to ensure that the children are active.
Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce participate in Active School week each year during the month of April.
The senior classes walk regularly during PE classes visiting the local graveyard and walking up distances of 5km or more. This year it is intended to register for the Steps campaign in conjunction with Operation transformation. The school also participates in Food Dudes to help maintain the Health Promoting School status.
The school recently purchased pedometers to encourage walking and exercise in the school. As part of the schools effort to gain the ASF (Active School Flag) it is intended to give the pedometers to the children for homework and encourage them to walk and exercise with their parents.

Parental involvement
As part of the ASF initiative parents will be invited to engage in physical activities with their children at designated times throughout the third term.

Code of Ethics
The entire curriculum will be delivered by the class teachers with the exception of the aquatics strand. The children will attend Aura leisure centre in Youghal for the six weeks of lessons. Badminton will be delivered by a qualified coach as will GAA training. Where outside personnel are delivering a strand of the curriculum, a class teacher will be present at all times.
PE Equipment
Scoil Naisiunta na Pairce is well equipped. Staff regulary check equipment and replenish when necessary.
Through ICT we will document PE lessons. We will tweet about our PE lessons and document them through the use of Photostory ,video cameras and digital cameras.
Health and Safety
Scoil Naisiúnta na Páirce and its staff are safety conscious in relation to the play area and incorporating a warm up and cool down in each lesson.
Individual teacher’s planning and reporting
Each teacher will be responsible for planning their own PE activities in conjunction with the school plan for PE. Each teacher will endeavour to follow the timetable in appendix 2 thus allowing for each strand unit to be covered during the year.